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Mai e Nima

     TongaHealth supports and funds the Mai e Nima (Give me Five) campaign, which encourages primary school students to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

     In addition, TongaHealth has supported the development of Healthy Eating Teaching Resource kits, at the request of the Mai e Nima Task Force Committee, to be used throughout primary schools in the Kingdom. The Mai e Nima concept is taught in all primary schools and further strengthened by mascots.

     TongaHealth provides grants to villages wishing to access seedlings, fencing and other resources to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits in their gardens. The aim of this initiative is to increase the consumption of protective and health promoting foods among Tongan families throughout all Island groups in the Kingdom. To ensure sustainability, each household is encouraged to plant eight local vegetables and fruits in their residential garden for easy access throughout the year.

Community Gardening Program

1,856 households have participated in TongaHealth's Community Gardening Program since 2009. Families are provided with seedlings and gardening equipment to grow at least five different vegetables and fruits in their gardens. Watch a short film about the program here. 




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