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‘Oku malava ‘i he ngaahi tokoni fakapa’anga ko eni‘ ke ne ‘omai ha faingamālie ki he TongaMo’uilelei‘ ke fakalahi atu ai ‘a e ngaahi fekau ke liliu ‘etau to’onga mo’ui‘ ke toe fakalakalakaange ‘a ‘etau mo’ui‘.

Ko e polokalama tokoni fakapa’anga ‘a e TongaMo’uilelei‘ ko ha halafononga ia ke a’usia ai ‘emau vīsone ‘Ki ha Tonga ‘oku mo’uilelei pea tali ‘e he tokotaha kotoa ko hono fatongia ke faka’ai’ai ‘a e mo’uilelei pea ke ‘inasi ‘a e tokotaha kotoa ‘i he ngaahi ola lelei ‘o ha fonua ‘oku mo’uilelei. ‘Oku hā foki ‘i he “Palani Fakafonua ki hono tokangaekina ‘a e ngaahi fokoutua ‘ikai ke Pipihi 2015 -2020 – Halafononga ki ha Tonga mo’uilelei” ‘a e ngaahi tefito’i me’afua ke ngāue’aki ‘i Tonga‘ ni ke tokangaekina ‘aki ‘a ‘etau tu’u lavea ngofua ki he ngaahi fokoutua ‘o e to’onga mo’ui ‘a ia ‘oku fehangahangai mo hotau kakai.‘

1.About the sponsorship Program

Sponsorships provide an opportunity for TongaHealth to support activities that improve health and decrease people’s risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The TongaHealth Sponsorship Program is a key strategy for TongaHealth to achieve our vision of ‘A healthy Tonga where everyone is responsible for promoting health and everyone shares in the benefits of a healthy population’. The “Hala Fononga ki ha Tonga Mo’ui lelei”- the National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases 2015-2020-identifies key goals and activities to address NCDs in Tonga. To see the strategy, please click here[1].

Priorities of the sponsorship program

Activities that improve or create opportunities for Tongans to:

  • Have a healthy start to life

  • Engage in more physical activity

  • Improve healthy eating patterns

  • Cut down or quit tobacco use

  • Quit or limit alcohol consumption to a safe level

  • Pilot innovative ideas for addressing NDs

Priority will be given to applications from outer islands and first time applicants that target the following groups:

  • Infants and families with newborns*

  • Women

  • Young people (children and youth) *

  • People with disabilities or mental illness

  • People living in rural areas and the outer islands

  • * Please note that anyone working with or coming into contact with young people (aged 17 and under) must comply with TongaHealth child protection policy (accessible at



  • Encourage healthy lifestyles through the effective promotion of health messages relating to TongaHealth's priority areas as noted in section 2 above.

  • Reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands that undermine TongaHealth objectives.

  • Facilitate environmental, social, and policy changes within organisations and venues to create healthy environments.

  • Increase opportunities for community-based programs that target priority areas and risk factors for NCDs.

  • Increase opportunities for people with specific needs to benefit from programs that target priority areas and risk factors for NCDs.



  1. Must be a:

    • First time applicants, priority will be given to applicants from outer islands

  2. Must be one of the following groups:

    • Not-for-profit organisations/registered charities

    • Government departments

    • Statutory bodies

    • Incorporated entities/organisations/companies

    • Recreational or sporting organisations

    • Village Councils/Boards

    • Community groups with more than 8 members

    • Schools

    • Churches

Application opens on the 16 March 2021 and closes on the 30 March 2021. TongaHealth will process the application within one month. Applications for activities that are due to take place in under a month and all incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Tonga Health Promotion Foundation is appointed by the Government of Tonga and supported by Australian Aid.

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